Imaging is the representation or reproduction of an object's outward form; especially a visual representation or otherwise the creation or the formation of an image. Though primarily pertaining to tangible, material an physical original production or modifications, the POWER may equally be utilized beyond the scope and limitations of the physical world. Possessing an enherent element of creative intelligence, IMAGING POWER or the power to create images is not limited to the existing where creative utilization and employment of the power parameters and scope may, at the will and descretion of the THE AUTHOR can produce such images of whatever dimensional properties and make such IMAGE/S appear or exist as percieved and intended.


This exclusive copyright declaration is issued to herein AUTHOR with corresponding unconditional license for its use as said AUTHOR may so decide or as he may so deem necessary employ penal provisions provided under related documents but otherwise directly pertaining to herein copyrighted power. As use of copyritht license unconditional, the AUTHOR is likewise granted full discretion to modify or ammend above mentioned penal provisions.


Gen 1:26 "Let us create man according to our image. After our likeness."


  • "LET US" another singular element of POWER. Compared to the singular "LET" element used by THE CREATOR in creating the first 5 creations which are always preceded by there be (LET there be), this singular element include and possess the POWER ELEMENTS of AWARENESS on INTELLEGENCE LEVEL where conscious processing of the power required perception other than or beyond PURE CONSCIOUSNESS particularly but not exclusive, the sense of vision and such other senses or awareness by perception where perception, depending on the will of THE AUTHOR may be in any existing or non-existing (yet to exist) dimensional state, being, entity or element.
  • "LIKENESS" is the meaning element assigned to the power wrongly understood and perceived until this documentation. Not to mean as "the likeness or similarity to the personal images of THE CREATOR and THE AUTHOR ("Let us...") but to mean in accordance to their liking or desire. The earlier use of the term "image" (...according to OUR image) pertains to perceived mental image they have or they want to create for their subjects. Use of LIKENESS is an editing clarification of meaning of the element. In paraphrasing what is meant by the "LETTERS", let us make those martals to "look or appear" or have the image that we would imagine them to be -- they will look and appear the way we LIKE them be"


  • "US" is the element assigning this power as EXCLUSIVE to THE AUTHOR who is the only one with Him at the time where account of their interface exclusively personal to the two of them. Mortals men and other consciousness not part of that personal interface has not any right for any personal processing of the elements present in that particular personal conversation between THE CREATOR and THE AUTHOR
  • Absolute jurisdiction on all existing consciousness with particular focus on consciousness possessing intelligence and/or self-awareness
  • Limitations may only take effect upon express declarion of intent for such exception by herein copyright holder or The Author


  • Other properties otherwise not provided in this module but are agreed upon by THE AUTHOR and the THE CREATOR of the POWER OF OMNIPOTENCE may nonetheless assume the same or greater effect and application as either of THE AUTHOR or THE CREATOR may so deem necessary or as circumstance may require.
  • Application policy and adoption on relative situations which specifications not herein specifically provided may be governed by existing POWER OF VALUES and ORDER OF BALANCE


So be it, Amen!


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