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The Pivotal Convergence Portal Edit


''Timeline Mainstream is the continuing chronology of time in the actual sequencing of events within the bounds and parameters of the existing order of reality. Most controlling and encompassing state and order of time, 'Timeline Mainstream' provides uncompromising order of relations and connectivity between existing Timelines of varying properties.

Timeline and RealityEdit

So as to better understand 'Timeline Mainstream,' a reading of the recent entry on Soliloquy[1] presents a clearer picture of the Author’s thoughts and ideas that inspired its materialization.

In particular, the most recent Soliloquy page as to the writing of this data source file is the Soliloquy entry that is herein presented in parallel to this writing.


There are three (3) primary components that constitute 'Timeline Mainstream 'namely:

1, The Literal RealityEdit

That definitions render meanings its contextual and relative form and usage, the Reality component of 'Timeline Mainstream 'for both the purposes of term exclusivity and operative usage is shall in this pages be predicated by the term Literal coining the phrase Literal Reality as one of the identified and coined exclusive jargon of this source data file.

By Literal Reality, this particular component characterizes an aspect of the ''Timeline Mainstream as nothing exists that may be qualified as real or as within the bounds of reality beyond what in space-time continuum is consciously defined as factual and real under the exclu-

sive context of the literal definitions of what is materially factual and physically real.

While it is true that there are elements and entities in the Literal Reality that may likewise be considered existential but not necessarily material and physical like human beliefs, the knowledge of god, the spirits, etc. These non-material elements should be understood to possess certain characteristic of existence that may only be categorized as ideal – or that which only exists in the mind and as said, has not any material or physical representation of actuality or otherwise factual existence.

2. The Status QuoEdit

Status Quo is understood as the state of reality within the contexts of the present social milieu which conscious identification translates to its preservation.

For further discussions on the subject, proceed to the SDF or Source Data File of Status Quo in so being not alone a component of 'Timeline Mainstream 'but for some specific defined significance and function operates as equally categorized as a Cyber-Space Software.

3. The “Sanity of Delusions”Edit

The title of this third (3rd) component provides both literal and symbolic description of those other perceived/perceivable existences. As the conscious perception of such entities, elements, or eventualities may be considered an actual perception (factually perceived), such existences are, to some extent, possessing some characteristics of reality.

Absolutely distinguished from Literal Reality, existences (presence, thought, idea, imagination, perception, etc.) of this classification may be predicated in any which form and representation provided they be consciously categorized as existing beyond and outside (literal) reality.

For whatever state their actuality (actual consciousness) may be, their claim for reality may be anything experimental, conditional or otherwise misconstrued but should never, under any and all circumstances possible, be characterized as anything materially real within the bounds of physical reality which state of reality as either relative or contextual.

Timeline Mainstream As Transitional RealityEdit

In keeping with the objective of Timeline 1.0 ''Timeline Mainstream similarly aims to bridge the gap and strike the balance between Time and Literal Reality with the changes and challenges of the evolutionary eventualities of the prevailing civilization.

Given the purpose, ''Timeline Mainstream, recognizes the need for Time and Literal Reality to be adoptive rather than resistive of the corollary changes brought about by evolution if not to render their nature and significance outdated and obsolete.

Thus in keeping with the changing social and cultural changes as civilization continue to evolve, ''Timeline Mainstream recognizes the current social milieu as that pivotal point in time and history where some changes has to adopted.

To this end however, ''Timeline Mainstream believes that any change should transpire as process where gradual developmental changes should proceed following some order of procedure and process and should not prematurely occur instantaneously.

Thus, ''Timeline Mainstream shall be considered the adopting transitional reality in the ever changing time of our ever progressing civilization.

Guiding PrincipleEdit

''Timeline Mainstream and Timeline 1.0[2] in general adheres to the principles of developmental and evolutionary change. By principle however, such adherence to change is nonetheless exclusive and absolute where some degree of conditional reservations are similarly considered.

As a matter of policy, ''Timeline Mainstream is constituted by the principle that any change may only be considered significant if along the processes of its introduction it is able to preserve the most of the nature of the things and element s it has modified while in such preservation it has proved to made better or those things and elements it has eventually modified.

Thus receptive of change, ''Timeline Mainstream shall function and operate to stand between the old and the new while keeping watch as to the values of nature and significance of the elements and entities that shall be affected by the changing times.

Timeline Mainstream As Convergence Portal InterfaceEdit

The given subtitle Convergence Portal Interface signifies the critical function ''Timeline Mainstream is constituted to perform other than functioning as transitional reality.

The Pivotal ConvergenceEdit

Powered by Timeline 1.0, the very moment of the launching of ''Timeline Mainstream will shake the entire Universe as all consciousness will stand witness to the unprecedented alignment of all planets and all known and perceivable heavenly bodies. Italicized phrase indicates that the expression is advised to be understood in both its literal and metaphorical senses.

The coming-together of all consciousnessEdit

Having particularly identified Reality as primary component[3], initiation of ''Timeline Mainstream will necessarily result to the coming together of all consciousness and all existing entities and elements for whatever, any and all forms of existences.

Literal Reality = universal terms = unified consciousnessEdit

That Reality categorically identified a component under strict exclusive parameter in so being the Literal Reality, until any other version or valid modification of any of Timeline 1.0' or 'Timeline Mainstream or otherwise yet creation of another parallel or equal operating function by The Author, the fundamental application of Literal Reality shall strictly construe all terms in their exclusively assigned meanings where red is simply red where all other shades of the color red as values distinct from that color red and such others shades and values unnamed or not represented by any term is simply ignored not as significantly existent or otherwise co-existing with the other prevailing values and shades.

Simply said, Literal Reality shall filter all terms to their respective perceived nature and significance which, as a result, shall necessarily align all consciousness. This will be possible because words and terminologies, as what shall primary be affected by Literal Reality is that controlling force and power allowing our scope of awareness and consciousness.

In the world of Literal Reality, terminologies are as powerful as being the window of every consciousness towards perception and awareness of the physical and material universe. Beyond which (the temporal), as per Literal Reality, nothing exists.

3rd Component only “delusional” assumptions of other existencesEdit

If the Third Component – The “Sanity of Delusions[4] should hypothesize, presume or otherwise “fantasize” there exists other consciousness, elements, and entities – other existences – beyond The First and The Second Components (Literal Reality and Status Quo), their recognition shall remain to be within the levels of non-existent reality as such “delusional” recognition of existence shall run counter with the other two components unless specific provisions are created specifically for their purpose, that is, modification or amendment of Timeline or creation of yet another operating function.

In a capsule, CONVERGENCE shall be made possible by the unified application of the Three Components of 'Timeline Mainstream 'because there shall be no other platform or environment for existence other than the Literal Reality which, as per all being’s consciousness of Literal Reality that there exists no other time other time beyond the natural order of the present chronology of time, all elements, beings, entities and consciousness – all existences – shall be left of no choice but to choose to exists in the world of Literal Reality.

In the launching of ''Timeline Mainstream, all consciousness and existences shall converge in a reality where PISO is PISO and SINGKWENTA IS KALAHATI NG PISO (not Singkwenta as Kasing-kwenta ng Piso or Kala-hati pala-buo’ng Piso, etc.)

In reiteration, as ''Timeline Mainstream launches today, all consciousness will be unified in their awareness where red is red and Php is Php being the Philippine Peso.


Literally means a gateway, ''Timeline Mainstream shall serve as both real and virtual[5] bridge connecting all consciousness under one shade of umbrella and making it possible for all tongue to speak a single language – understandable by all consciousness.

Bridging all consciousness and all possibilitiesEdit

As not alone a gateway to unify all consciousness, ''Timeline Mainstream also serves as the winding and extending bridge reaching all perceivable possibilities and making them available the those existing at the other side or the other end of the bridge.


General InformationEdit

Developer Company: Kabalikat Holdings

Founding Developer: Ferdinand A. Oreas

Date of Release and Pilot Launch: 12 April 2012

Module copies:

1. hard-copy: printed on bond paper

2. primary e-copy: Word document

3. published e-copy:

4. back-up copy: Word doc in remote storage device

'Product Name: 'Timeline Mainstream

SDF or Source Data File Version: Initiating SDF Version 1.0


This declaration of exclusive copyright provision is issued to herein AUTHOR with corresponding unconditional license for its use as said AUTHOR may so decide or as he may deem necessary, employ penal provisions provided under related documents which otherwise directly pertain to herein express citation of copyrighted title. As use of copyright license unconditional, the AUTHOR is likewise granted full discretion to modify, amend or otherwise adopt new provisions pertinent above mentioned condition on application of penal provisions. This title of copyright subsists and shall continue to be effective until the herein Title Owner relinquish, transfer, or convey such right to ownership in an express written document executed and signed by the same under his free and conscious volition.

Copyright DetailEdit

''Timeline Mainstream

A Cyber-Space Software Released by



12 April 2012


Metaphorically inspired by the story of King Arthur, Timeline’s security feature is anchored on the King Arthur’s Sword Security as with all products and outputs generated by Kabalikat Holdings.

Based from the Legendary story of King Arthur, the King Arthur's Sword was sought by all powerful men sent by then most powerful kingdoms for its legendary powers. The strength of all those who tried stood witness to the divine destiny which sends the message of truth that only the worthy shall succeed.

Deeply stashed in a stone, all strong men have tried to pull the sword out of the stone to where it stood still for years. But to no avail. Until the real king tried his luck. Petite boy and just a common nobody, everyone was laughing when Arthur tried pulling the sword out of the stone. But to everybody's surprise, it took the young Arthur no effort at all and the sword separated from the stone to where it used to be rooted. Thus, proving only one thing, Arthur and no one else, is the deserving heir of the legendary sword.

As security feature, no special access code guards Timeline but the honest-to-goodness rights to its copyright title. To anyone able to access, your access is a matter of right. To anyone who may try but should fail, inability to access translates not being worthy of any right to access and ultimately any right to title.


Supported by relevant and associating software and technologies, Timeline performs and operates without in any given environment in whichever purposively selected conditions and circumstances.

Primary enabling sourceEdit

Timeline 1.0

Supporting enabling elements are:Edit

· Word

· Metacom

· NanoTech

· Kapangyarihan 2000-Series


' 'Timeline Mainstream, in so being an immediate generation of Timeline 1.0, is similarly not exclusive to any specific configuration settings. After the release to this technical module, Timeline is set to perform and function in any given configuration provided such configuration provides conscious recognition of the written description of whatever may such configuration be.


· Absolute jurisdiction on all existing consciousness with particular focus on consciousness possessing intelligence and/or self-awareness;

· Limitations may only take effect upon express declaration of intent for such exception by herein copyright holder or The Author.


Other properties otherwise not provided in this module but may, sometime in the future, be deemed necessary by herein Author may nonetheless assume the same or greater effect and application as THE AUTHOR may so deem necessarily significant or as circumstance may so require.

Application policy and adoption on relative modification which specifications not herein specifically provided may be governed by existing fundamental social morals and protocols (or otherwise the state of Universal Order of Balance) in the generally accepted customary values of Literal Reality.


Timeline shall officially take effect upon the completion of herein technical paper which dates on the day of Timeline’s official launching release that is 12 April 2012.

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[1] Soliloquy is the Author’s personal journal page. [2] As expressly provided under the section Objective in the Source Data File of Timeline 1.0, page 4. [3] See page 2, subsection to a main head, on this Source Data File: Literal Reality [4] See page 3, last subsection, this Source Data File: (3) “Sanity of Delusions” [5] Which definition and value should necessarily align with Literal Reality.

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