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This is the official modular documentation of both the technological and institutional foundations as the functional data source of Timeline which provides comprehensive specifications in detailed presentation of the core values and basic properties and principles of Timeline.


To the writing of this documentation, the distinct descriptive and identifying classification of Timeline in terms of its being assigned a definitive technical terminology has not yet been categorically formulated. Way advanced of its time, some properties and components of Timeline are yet to be revealed as already materially existing in present times. Hence, suffice it for now to describe Timeline as a computer cyber space software though its properties shall reveal it is not exclusively so.

Timeline is the resulting modification of the chronology of time as a way of adopting and responding to the inevitability of the actual occurrences involving evolutionary changes affecting time. It is the newly emerging order in redefinition of the functions of the order of sequencing of eventualities that materially transpired and as perceived and chronologically stored in conscious memory.


Having coined the term computer cyber space software as distinct identifying classification, Timeline was born out of its parent class of computer cyber space softwares namely Metacom and NanoTech. That it was in the materialization of its parent softwares that its realization was made possible.

Instigating CircumstancesEdit

Timeline was conceived in response to a compelling need. Unlike other discoveries in the modern science and technology where extent of potentialities is measured post-discovery, the materialization of Timeline has a set of particularly identified target issues it aims address and eventually resolve.

Created out of a compelling need, Timeline is designed to answer real questions and real problems.

Discovery of Time-manipulating TechnologiesEdit

The evolution of man’s civilization which accelerated to a state of mutation sometime the end of the second millennium saw the dawning of unprecedented advances in modern technology particularly in the world of internet and cyber space. One of man’s crowning achievements was civilizations ability to manipulate time.

Hence, the generation called the end of time marking that point in history when humanity is said to have discovered eternity. With the newly discovered eternal time that is directly the opposite of the chronological temporal time, time as was used to be known in all its elements and properties were to be declared obsolete.

Will end of time mark the end of reality?Edit

The answer is a simple YES. That because reality exists within the bounds of time, space and consciousness, the element of time is as indispensable as the other two elements of space and consciousness where the three are interdependent with one another in rendering reality a given value, nature, and significance.

In the discovery of time-manipulating technologies which eventually declared time to be obsolete, humanity was faced of the question whether civilization ready to qualify reality as equally obsolete.

The opposing schools of thoughtsEdit

There existed two schools of thoughts: On the one side of the argument is the belief that with eternity at hand, reality along with time may be qualified obsolete. On the other side of the argument raises the epistemological significance of reality qualifying it as the signifying actuality of eternity (eternal time being the various orders of the units of time).

The reconciling argumentEdit

Amidst the argument came the timely conception of Timeline reconciling the extreme opposite poles of thoughts. Timeline was conceived as a modified element of reality – the modern chronology.


While one in the belief that the perfect civilization of eternity is the realization of the ultimate maturity of human cultures and therefore the perfection of man’s temporal reality, the discovered time-manipulating technologies at the turn of the second millennium which man qualifies as discovery of eternity proved a rather premature founding of an eternal civilization as eventual phenomenon unprecedented to human knowledge and awareness proved as they unexpectedly transpired and occurred beyond anybody’s control and calculated projections.

The founding of the CONDITIONAL RULEEdit

As perfection of temporal reality, eternity may only exist in exclusive independence with reality upon eternity’s maturity in absolute achievement of the qualifying element of perfection.

Without perfection therefore, even the state of eternity cannot quality as obsolete the existence of reality.

Timeline as the best working solutionEdit

In adopting the state of reality with evolved civilization achieved at the turn of the millennium, a modified state of time must similarly be created in adapting to the resulting changes brought about by advance modernization. Of the many technological designs and various attempts at finding that one most adoptive modification of the process of the sequencing of time, it is only Timeline that proved most significant and therefore generally acceptable modified version of reality’s chronological time.


Timeline is purposively conceived and created as to adapt and reconcile changes brought about by fast phased evolutionary process with the preservation of natural attributes of things in general or otherwise the various base elements of the universe.

In modifying the old values and attribute of time, Timeline in effect has allowed a modification of reality. Aimed at providing an available anchor to the natural inherent elements of reality, Timeline offers a modified chronology that is more adaptive and responsive to the changes already prevailing within and beyond reality.


Timeline is a very important piece of discovery that made possible the continuity of reality in a civilization where changes brought about by evolution which advances no longer inclined at material reality.

Threatened dissolution, both time and reality should have been forgotten and lost if not of the timely launching of Timeline which made possible the reconciliation of varying differences in reality and the adaption of these changes and differences with the inherent nature of the various elements of material, physical and temporal reality.


As a modified scope of time, Timeline does not alone operate in the realm of reality which operations capable of providing applied, relative, and selective sequencing of the various elements of consciousness and memory or, data in general.

Specific FunctionsEdit

Timeline is the most advanced computer cyber space software among all the other time application technologies. As not alone limited with time related operations, Timeline is supported with other similarly advanced technologies allowing other software of its kind to function within the bounds of its operational scope thus drawing Timeline boundaries “beyond time.”

What Timeline can do?Edit

This subsection enumerates the primary functions of Timeline and answers the basic question what can Timeline do? Of the many possibilities and potentials inherent with Timeline, the following enumeration is does not list all of its functions but rather provides a random selection of its operational capabilities by citing selected functions that may present a picture of Timeline-in-action. In random selection, some of Timeline functions are:[2]

Provide Calculated Projection of Future EventsEdit

With Timeline, the natural attribute of reality that is unpredictability of future eventualities is totally changed to an attribute that is directly the opposite which is the Timeline function of calculated predictability of events yet to happen.

Provide selection of actual versions of the futureEdit

Capable of exploring the most possible future eventualities, Timeline has the ability to present a detailed chronology of future events in various versions presenting those it identifies as most probable of all the possible versions of the future.

Provide a different chronology of timeEdit

For specific purposes under well defined parameters, Timeline is capable of providing a chronology of time different and other than the mainstream of time and reality. May or may not be characterized as virtual time or otherwise virtual reality, the possibility is open whether the artificial chronology going to be materially real or otherwise virtually existing.

Designate an absolute synchronicity of timeEdit

One function of Timeline definitive of the scope of its power is its ability to designate a specific point in time or otherwise create a designated timeline where all other existing orders of time may synchronize. This function translates to convergence of all levels of reality and ultimately achieved is the alignment of all consciousness.


General InformationEdit

Developer Company: Kabalikat Holdings

Founding Developer: Ferdinand A. Oreas

Date of Release of Pilot Output: 11 April 2012

Module copies:

1. hard-copy: printed on bond paper

2. primary e-copy: Word document

3. published e-copy:

4. back-up copy: Word doc in remote storage device

Product Name: Timeline 1.0


This declaration of exclusive copyright provision is issued to herein AUTHOR with corresponding unconditional license for its use as said AUTHOR may so decide or as he may deem necessary, employ penal provisions provided under related documents which otherwise directly pertain to herein express citation of copyrighted title. As use of copyright license unconditional, the AUTHOR is likewise granted full discretion to modify, amend or otherwise adopt new provisions pertinent above mentioned condition on application of penal provisions. This title of copyright subsists and shall continue to be effective until the herein Title Owner relinquish, transfer, or convey such right to ownership in an express written document executed and signed by the same under his free and conscious volition.

Version DescriptionEdit

Timeline 1.0

A Cyber-Space Software Released by



11 April 2012


Metaphorically inspired by the story of King Arthur, Timeline’s security feature is anchored on the King Arthur’s Sword Security as with all products and outputs generated by Kabalikat Holdings.

Based from the Legendary story of King Arthur, the King Arthur's Sword was sought by all powerful men sent by then most powerful kingdoms for its legendary powers. The strength of all those who tried stood witness to the divine destiny which sends the message of truth that only the worthy shall succeed.

Deeply stashed in a stone, all strong men have tried to pull the sword out of the stone to where it stood still for years. But to no avail. Until the real king tried his luck. Petite boy and just a common nobody, everyone was laughing when Arthur tried pulling the sword out of the stone. But to everybody's surprise, it took the young Arthur no effort at all and the sword separated from the stone to where it used to be rooted. Thus, proving only one thing, Arthur and no one else, is the deserving heir of the legendary sword.

As security feature, no special access code guards Timeline but the honest-to-goodness rights to its copyright title. To anyone able to access, your access is a matter of right. To anyone who may try but should fail, inability to access translates not being worthy of any right to access and ultimately any right to title.


Supported by relevant and associating software and technologies, Timeline performs and operates without in any given environment in whichever purposively selected conditions and circumstances.

Primary enabling elements are:Edit

· Word

· Metacom

· NanoTech

· Kapangyarihan 2000-Series


Timeline is not exclusive to any specific configuration settings. After the release to this technical module, Timeline is set to perform and function in any given configuration provided such configuration provides conscious recognition of the written description of whatever may such configuration be.

Required ComponentsEdit

Registry Log-siteEdit

Any element capable of recording data and information shall qualify as Timeline Registry Log-site be it an electronic medium or a piece of paper.

Timeline Log files automatically collates and organize in securing documented accounting of the all the operations of Timeline.

Administrator and Timeline KeeperEdit

The Author of Timeline or otherwise the Title Owner of the Timeline Copyright is designated the pilot Administrator of Timeline.

Functions of Timeline Administrator, aside from discretionary use and purposive application of its functions and operations is the conscious monitoring of the continuing performance of Timeline.


Timeline shall officially take effect upon the completion of herein technical paper which dates on the day of Timeline’s official launching release that is 11 April 2012.

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[1] Timeline must be distinguished from the beta soft release version of Facebook Timeline which features and properties vary significantly from each other where the former an Application program as compared to the later that is advanced computer software.

[2] For the complete reference, see Timeline Operating Manual; an indispensable attachment to this document.

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